Chartermate offers tailored solutions to your need.

1. Clean Conditioning Metal Coating

Performance Cleaner, Conditioner & Coating

Cleaners Degreaser E-coating, Color Coat

Oil and Grease Remover Scale Cleaner

Rust Cleaner / Metal Polisher

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2.Electronics Soldering Coating

Metal Coating & Clean Soldering

We are the Largest Supplier for PREFLUX Coating both Solvent based and new water based for Copper & PCB surfaces as well as Welding and soldering Fluxes

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3.Total Surface Treatment Machinery

We offer Surface Polishing Machine for Various Purposes Specializing in Hairline Satin Polish For Stainless Steel Sheet plus other Tube and Bar Polishing Machine

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4.Water Waste HVAC treatment

We Provide Water Treatment Chemicals and HVAC Maintenance Services in Bangkok Area along with Designing & Building Water Treatment Plants all over Thailand.

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5.Electronics PCB Chemicals

For Printed Circuit Board (PCB)s coating and Electronics finishing materials

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