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At Chartermate, we are developing Industrial Surface Treatment of the Future.

Innovation is a part of our gene. We bundle solution to match specific needs for specific budget. Our customer centric approach works not because we always say /yes we can\ but by being flexible according to the benefits of all our stakeholders.

We bond each stakeholders together to achieve the impossible, be it for our customers, our employees, and importantly our environment, our ecology. We weren’t Eco-Friendly when it was considered Classy we were on the Green Side when it was irrelevant.

Each approach, we take is Performance oriented to reach the goals required. To achieve such, we bundle all materials, media and machines to? realize the goals.

Our whole operation is ISO 9001:2008 international standard, from Design and development, that helps us to provide the best solution for our customers, to our after sales servicing where we try to keep customers satisfaction to the maximum.