Metal Coating & Clean Soldering

We are the Largest Supplier for PREFLUX Coating both Solvent based and new water based for Copper & PCB surfaces as well as Welding and soldering Fluxes

  • AssyFlux LSF900 Extreme Low Solid Clear flux, leave almost no residue, no tackiness after soldering
  • AssyFlux SRH510 No Need to clean Rosin based Flux
  • Water based fluxes

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We also supply other high-end finishing for Electronics PCBs

  • OSP Organic Surface Preservative coating
  • IAG  Immersion Silver finishing
  • HAL  Hot Air Leveling Fluxes for both leaded and Leadfree Solder
  • Ni-Au Electrolytically Nickel Gold
  • ENIG  Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold